Fruit Platter Ideas

fruit platter ideas

Fruit platter ideas are mostly very constructive in that they aim for varieties, nutrition, beauty, and above all novelty amounting to uniqueness. Their appeal and importance amongst communities have grown over the years to such an extent that there’s hardly an occasion without fruit platters. They are also ideal for serving during weddings and other important celebrations as breakfast, brunch, dinner or lunch either singly or along with other dishes.

Home-made and store-made:

Fruit Platter Ideas areto be made in a specific order and way. When home-made, platters are very cheap, making fruit inclusions as per your choice, apart from meeting the expectation of different sections of guests- children, women, grown-ups and elderly. Most important, such a preparation can be made to carry the theme of the occasion with decorative looks and colors. Following hygiene is another vital aspect of any preparation, and this you can feel assured when you prepare it at home.

Whereas, such preferences will not be easy to incorporate in store-made fruit platters. Though they can also be made to order giving specifications, it’s anybody’s guess as to what extent the preparation will meet your needs.

Now we will apprise you of some fruit platter ideas, proven for quality and appreciation.

Before commencing preparation, the general rule is to wash all fruits of any dust or other unwanted items. Amount of fruits depends on the number of guests expected; also you have to decide whether this is going to be the single item, or a joint serving along with other delicacies. So accordingly you can decide on the size of the platter.

Fruit platter ideas: (for around 10 persons)

Ingredients include one honeydew peeled melon, 1 pine apple, 2 cups strawberries, 1 peeled apple, 1 peeled pear, 2 cups of grapes, and fresh lemon juice; optional additions are 10 small mints, whole grape leaves and lemon leaves.

First cut the melon stage by stage into small pieces after scooping out the seeds; then removing the bottom and top portions, peel out and cut the pine apple length-wise and breadth-wise into similar bite-sizes; then strawberries- small size may be left as whole, while bigger ones are sliced into smaller pieces; after cutting off the stems, they can be cut into halves for easy consumption or left in full size.

Cutboth apple and pearinto one fourths, remove their stems and wedges with seeds, leave their skin intact, and soak the cut surfaces in lemon juice.

Arranging fruits on the tray is done guided by size and color of the fruit pieces. As estimated earlier, you can prepare the number of platters for the expected guests. Beginning with larger fruits, you can arrange them along the far edges followed by smaller fruit pieces to your side, and then going toward the center.

Accordingly, you put the melon first along the circumference of the plate, then pine apple pieces overlapping with melon leaving no space in between; now position strawberries along the inner circle of the pine apple; and now it is the apple pieces to sit overlapping with strawberry pieces; then put grapes at the middle of the platter; finally decorate the outer edge of the platter with lemon and grape leaves or mint leaves, placing tooth pricks nearby in a separate bowl.

Some hints:

•    Always prefer fruits that are seasonal and easily available, and defects-free; but bear in mind such fruits choices should reflect the theme behind the event also; for instance, guava and star fruit, if selected, will aptly represent a summer party. Adding dried fruits such as dates or raisins will be wholesome for the tray.

•    Nuts are generally good combining well with fruits, which you can put as raw, roasted, salted or candied, filling any gaps between fruits. And place each fruit variety visibly on the platter facilitating easy identification and eating. Fruit piece sizes should be such they are able to be easily picked up with toothpick or fork.

•    Providing a fruit dip (for soaking fruits while eating) will add taste to the fruits. For this you can think of one prepared combining whipped cream and vanilla flavored yogurt. Place it at the center of the platter removing grapes, or keep it outside the plate; and place an empty cup nearby for putting the discarded items, which will be taken kindly by the guests.

More fruit platter ideas are there with different combinations of fruits and innovations. You know many of them. Then, why should you not come forward right now with one preparation for us also to relish?