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Fruit platter décor: how it can jazz up your party

Fruit Platter IdeasDuring the festive season things like the fruit platter and other decorations make the room look lively and inviting to the guests. The fruit platter can be a decorative center piece if you want the decors to catch the visitors’ fancy and satiate their appetite at the same time. This Thanksgiving, New Year or Christmas get some decorative fruit platter to attract your guests.

Arranging fruit platters

Even if it is not for the party, fruit arrangements at home will cater to your décor and also the needs for a welcoming dessert. Make use of vases, bowls or ornately woven baskets or other attractive containers as Fruit Platter Ideas. Fill them up with fruits of bright colors like apples, oranges and strawberries to add some hue and color to the event. In case of leftovers of fruits you can make juices and shakes to serve chilled during the party.

Some stunning fruit display

Your party can become the talk of the town when you are a wonderful host and you also have a beautiful sense of décor. In the baskets and bowls you can place tuft of flowers in between the fruits to add to them a rush of color. It is also essential to note the shapes and colors of flowers that should match the fruits. With some yellow fruits, white flowers like roses, tulips or lilies look nice.

Arrange fruits in the platter so that they look like flower arrangements. We could add some paper petals to them to jazz up the look. The fruits also decorated in the shapes of human figures or animals and birds should add to the beauty of the whole décor.

Inside a big laid out platter add some florist’s foam and then keep the sliced fruits. Insert sticks into them so that they can be readily picked and eaten. Insert the sticks into the florist’s foam too or dip the sticks in chocolate sauce for a unique treat!

Arrange the fruits in the platter that is designed like a cascade. This can serve as an attractive center piece for a table and the layering of fruits depend on the striking platter. Use assorted fruits in the platter like oranges, strawberries and pineapples. You can use various dips as mentioned earlier like yogurt dips or chocolate dips. Your guests would be delighted with the visual feast the decorated platter produces as well as munch on the fruits to glory throughout the party.

Types of fruits to use

When edible fruits are arranged on a fruit platter, it is recommended that the fruits of the season are to be included. Use apples for Thanksgiving celebrations along with beautifully decorated pumpkins. Cranberries, oranges and other fruits can serve well for Christmas.

You can get these gourmet fruit baskets or platters online as these serve as delicious gifts to friends and families for occasions. These are visually attractive and good for your purse too!

The fruit platters are the most appealing happenings at a party due to the radiant colors of the veggies and the fruits. They can serve as some delectable appetizer before the main course is served. The freshly cut and washed fruits laid in style speaks highly of your personal taste of décor and design.